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Medics, EMTs, Ambulance Offers, Paramedics share their stories of life on the road.

See what life is really like on the road, its nothing like the movies..

Paramedic Stories

The stories told here on this site are from Paramedics, Ambulance Offers, EMTs, Medics and other Emergency Service workers from all around the world. These stories are shared here for many different reasons, and they are read by many different people.

Sometimes it is to alleviate that constant question: ‘Can you tell us the worst thing you’ve ever had to see?’.

Maybe it’s to share an inspirational story, or maybe it’s part of a form of therapy; to get some of it off our chest. For me, it was to put them down on ‘paper’ so I could immortalise my time as a Paramedic, and not let the stories fade into distant memories once I left active service.

Who knows, but either way one thing is for sure, people always love to hear the stories.

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I love reading these stories, it always makes me feel like my day wasn’t that crazy, and I’m not alone!

Thanks Paramedic Stories for continuing to share..


ER nurse