About Us

Here at Paramedic Stories, we are One Big Family.

Having worked for 6 years in a large metropolitan city in Australia, I, and together with my colleagues, saw many many scenarios, met countless people from the sublime to the obscene, and experienced many many a situation that would live on in the stories we came home to tell.

After I left my service, I found myself thinking wistfully back, and reminiscing about the experiences I had. This blog was born out of those memories, and wanting to feel like they were real. It was also a type of therapy for me. To write these stories down was letting them rest somewhere other than in my brain, and I don’t feel like I need to carry them any more.

This site isn’t designed to be a place for people to read awful stories, but rather somewhere to come and be inspired by the awesomeness of humanity, and the amazing people who give themselves to working in the emergency services.

These stories aren’t mine, these are everyones. Thank you for sharing and reading.